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AudGeek FAQs

1. Is 1-month license or 1-year license subscription based?

Yes, both 1-month license and 1-year license are subscriptions. 1-month or 1-year subscription will be renewed automaitcally in next month or next year if you don't cancel the subscription. If you don't want automatic renewal, you need to cancel the subscription before the renewal date. And there are two ways to cancel the auto-renewal.

Method One: You can go to MyCommerce account page, log in your account to cancel the subscription. Your MyCommerce account is the email address you entered when purchasing our product. If you haven't used your MyCommerce account before, you may need to click "Request Login/Password" to reset your password in MyCommerce account page first. You will receive an email from MyCommerce and please follow the instructions to reset.

Method Two: Feel free to contact us by emailing [email protected] with your order information like email address or order number, we will help you cancel the subscription timely.

Once the subscripiton is cancelled, you will receive a notification email from MyCommerce.

MyCommerce will send you a notification email regarding the renewal 14 days prior to the date it renews automatically.

If you renew the subscription, you can use the original license key to register the program again. As long as your subscription is not cancelled, you can use one key to register the product.

2. What is the difference between free trial version and registered version?

We provide free trial version for all our programs including Mac version and Windows version. We highly recommend you download and install the free trial version to have a test before purchasing. As to the free trial version, you can use all the features but it can only convert 3 music files a time and only convert first 3 minutes of each song. If you purchase or get a registration code and register the full version, you will get full-length output instead of 3-minute output and you can convert as many files as you want.

3. I haven't received my registration code after the payment. What to do?

• Please make sure you have entered a valid registration code. Please do not add extra blank before and/or after the string of registration code.

• Please check your spam box because sometimes your email provider may mark the license email from MyCommerce as spam. If you are sure it's not sorted in spam and you haven't received it, please contact us.

• If you use Credit Card, Apple Pay or Paypal to place the order, the license mail should be sent immediately to your email address. Sometimes, it may take a few minutes or even a few hours because of network error or server error.

• If you want to get your registration code by contacting us, please provide your order number or the email address you entered during the payment process. If you entered a wrong email address, please also tell us the wrong one or your order number so that we can use it to search. If necessary, we can change it to your desired email address in MyCommerce website.

4. I have got a registration code, how can I register the full version?

If you have got a registration code of an AudGeek product (either Windows or Mac version), you can simply launch the program, click Register button at the upper right corner, or click menu Help > Register, you will see a Registration dialog. Copy the registration code and paste in the blank of registration code, and click Register button to register the full version. The registration code is a long string of lower-case letters and numbers. Please do not add extra space at the beginning or at the end.

The screenshot below uses AmaziTune Converter as example, however, the registration dialog is similar in all the products and the registration steps are same in all the products.


5. Is online payment safe?

Yes, it is 100% secure. We use MyCommerce for all online orders and MyCommerce is the leading Revenue Delivery Platform for SaaS companies that powers rapid growth across acquisition, renewals and expansion. The secure server is at mycommerce.com, a veteran ecommerce company specializing in software. All data exchanged during the payment process is SSL-secured.

6. What payment methods can I use?

You can use credit cards like Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, JCB, etc. Paypal is also available.

7. Does your price include VAT (tax)?

No. All prices listed on our website don't include tax. Sales tax may be applied based on your residence.

8. How can I upgrade my license plan?

If you are using 1-month or 1-year license, please cancel the subscription first, then purchase lifetime license after 1-month or 1-year license expires. If you purchased a lifetime license before the end of the subscription, you have to wait until it expires because there is no way to overwrite current registration code.

9. Can I use my registration code on multiple computers?

It depends on your license plan. 1-month license, 1-year license and lifetime license can be only activated on one computer. If you purchase dual-OS license, you will get two registration codes, one of which is for PC and the other is for Mac. If you purchase family license, you can register on 5 computers with same OS.

10. Can I use a registration code of Windows version on Mac, or vice versa?

No. Though there are no much interface or feature difference between Windows version and Mac version, they are sold as different products. So Windows version is used for Windows OS only and Mac version is used for Mac OS only.

11. I couldn't register the program, why?

• Please make sure you have downloaded correct program. For example, a registration code of AppliTune Converter can't be used to register AmaziTune Converter.

• Please make sure you have got correct version. Registration code of Windows version can't be used to register Mac version, or vice versa.

• Please do not add extra space at the beginning or at the end of your registration code when copying it from your email box.

• If the registration code has been used, you can't use it to register again after you reinstalled your OS or you have got a new computer. However, you can contact us and we will reset your original registration code or send you a new registration code based on your license plan.

12. I have purchased AudGeek product before, can I get discount if I purchase again?

We will provide discount under some conditions below.

• You have purchased a lifetime license from us before and want to purchase a lifetime license of another AudGeek product.

• If you have used 1-month license 6 times or 1-year license twice or more, and you want to switch to lifetime license now, please contact us.

By the way, we may promote the products with discount on some holidays.

13. What if I purchased a wrong product from AudGeek? Can I exchange?

If the prices of the wrong product and the correct product are the same, you can directly contact us to request a valid license code for the correct product. We will send you a new registration code for the correct product and disable the code of the wrong product at the same time.

Or you can directly purchase the correct AudGeek product you want and contact our support team with both order numbers and license email, then we will soon refund the wrong one to you.

14. Can I upgrade to the latest version for free?

Sure. You don't need to pay extra fees to upgrade to the latest version, it's totally free. There are two ways to upgrade to the latest version. You don't need to register the program again using either way to upgrade.

• Click menu Help > Check for updates... and install the latest version in the popup dialog.

• Download Free Trial version from our website and install it to overwrite the old version.

However, please note that "upgrade" here doesn't include the case that you want to upgrade your license plan.

15. What is the difference between normal installer and 64-bit installer on Windows?

Normal installer can be used on both Windows 32-bit and 64-bit while 64-bit installer can be only used on 64-bit Windows. 64-bit installer can't be installed on Windows 32-bit. If you are using 64-bit Windows, it's recommended to download 64-bit installer and install it, and you will get better performace than running 32-bit program on 64-bit Windows.

16. How to solve "xxx can't be opened because Apple cannot check it for mailicious software" error when I launch the Mac program?

Our software applications are totally clean and at no chance it would be malicious software. The error message will pop up when opening a Mac app from an unidentified developer. You may encounter such an error message when opening various Mac applications.

To solve the problem, go to Finder > Application, click the app icon while pressing Control key, then choose Open from the shortcut menu and click Open. You only need to do this one time.

You can check "Open a Mac app from an unidentified developer" from Apple official website for more information.

17. Is there any refund guarantee?

We provide 5-day money back guarantee for 1-month license, 10-day money back guarantee for 1-year license and 30-day money back guarantee for lifetime license based on the circumstances. Please refer to our refund policy to learn more details.

Once we accepted your refund request, we will refund your order in our MyCommerce vendor account. And it may take MyCommerce a few hours to deal with. By refunding a subscription order, the subscription will be automatically cancelled as well.

18. I can't sign in the built-in web player? What to do?

(1) Please check whether you are running latest version by menu "Help" > "Check for updates". If not, upgrade to latest version first and try again.

(2) Please make sure your account (Apple ID, Spotify account, Amazon account and Tidal account) is not blocked. You can use Google Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge or Safari to sign in your account and check whether you can sign in or not. You can't sign in the built-in web player with a blocked account. Generally speaking, when you is blocked, you will receive a notification email from the streaming music provider.

(3) On Windows 10/11, if Microsoft Defender SmartScreen doesn't allow our software to run, you may need to add our software to whitelist first. You can launch Windows Defender Security Center on Windows 10 or Windows Security on Windows 11 from the Start menu. Please check "Add an exclusion to Windows Security" from Microsoft website. you can add "AudGeek XXX Converter" folder from this path: "C:\Users\(Your Username)\AppData\Local\Programs\AudGeek XXX Converter".

(4) Streaming music providers may update their web players and this may cause conversion problems. In this case, please report the problem to us and wait for a new version release.

(5) When using AudGeek SpotiTune Converter, Google, Facebook or Apple may not allow you to use "Continue with Google", "Continue with Facebook" or "Continue with Apple" to sign in our built-in web player for protecting your account. In this case, you may need to use a free email to create another Spotify account and sign in our program for conversion.

19. The conversion doesn't start, it keeps spinning and waiting. How to fix?

(1) Please check whether you are running latest version by menu "Help" > "Check for updates". If not, upgrade to latest version first and try again.

(2) Please make sure your output folder is set to a local folder. Please note that drive root, USB flash drive, USB hard disk and network drive are not supported. You can click Settings icon at the upper right corner of software interface to open Settings dialog and change output folder.

(3) Web player website update from streaming music services may cause problems. In this case, please report the problem to us and wait for a new version release.

(4) Software bugs may exist under some conditions. Please send the log file to us. You can click menu "Help" > "Open the log file" to find it, then send the log file to our support team with your OS information. Our support team will forward to our developers and have a check. If the log file is too large to attach in the email, you can upload to Google Drive, OneDrive, iCloud, etc. and share the link to us, or send to us via wetransfer.com.